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Read about Michael's amazing love and his generosity in these very special and extraordinary stories of Michael's L.O.V.E.

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Michael JacksonHe was known as much for his humanitarian work as for his musical talent. Spend some time going Beyond The Dance.

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Quincy Jones: Working With MJ

Quincy Jones: Working With MJ "Was An Accident"

(16-3-2013) To celebrate the 80th birthday of Quincy Jones on March 14, Billboard conducte...

Special Thanks To The Supporting Members

Special Thanks To The Supporting Members

2012 was a again big year for everyone in the Michael Jackson fan community with new and e...

The Immortal World Tour

The Immortal World Tour

1. 'Michael Jackson - The Immortal World Tour'

The show is a riveting fusion of visuals, da...


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"God gives you certain gifts. This child was an extraordinary child."


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In a tribute to his sister on MTV, Michael pre-records a message saying, "Janet, I am so thrilled you are being honored tonight. No one deserves this more than you.... Your talent knows no boundries. I am honored and proud to be your brother. I love you!"

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